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Socialise With Your New Colleagues

By: Emma Jones - Updated: 6 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
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Starting a new job is intimidating enough but having to fit in with all your new work colleagues can make it even more difficult. When everybody knows each other and you are the new one in the office, it is easy to retire into your shell. However, making the effort to socialise with your colleagues will help you fit in a lot quicker. They have all been in your position at some point and are probably nowhere near as scary as they seem!

Make An Effort In The Office

You are going to have to work with these people every day, so the sooner you make friends with them the better. Don’t be clingy but do try to make a good impression. Offer to make tea, ask a colleague for advice or compliment someone on their jumper. The sooner the message spreads that you’re a nice person, the sooner they will accept you into their social circle. Don’t try too hard, but just be friendly and easy to work with.

Be Open To Social Invites

When you have so much to learn and concentrate on, the last thing you may feel like doing is going to the pub. However, accepting social invitations form your colleagues will show that you are willing to fit in. Don’t feel that you have to stay all night – just have a few drinks, chat to a few people and then head home. Alternatively, join them for lunch so that you have a chance to talk about life outside of work.

Watch Out For Gossipers!

Gossip is rife in any office and it is easy to get sucked in when you want people to like you. However, gossiping about your colleagues is a negative cycle to be in and will ultimately backfire. If you get stuck talking to a gossip, politely tell them that you are new and don’t know enough about the people to comment, and then excuse yourself from the situation.

Don’t Get Too Friendly

Going to the pub for a few social drinks is a great idea but getting drunk and throwing up over your colleagues is not! Remember that even when you are socialising your behaviour can easily get back to your boss so don’t let your guard down completely. Similarly, be careful about getting romantically involved with anyone in the office as this can cause a lot of problems for you.

Yes, you want to be friends with your colleagues, but don’t let the line between your work and social life blur too much.

As the new person in the office it is a good idea to socialise with your work colleagues so that they accept you into the fold. Don’t force the situation but be friendly and open with everyone. Accept social invitations to show that you are willing to fit in but make sure that you watch your behaviour and stay professional. Also, remember to be careful that you don’t get sucked into any office gossip as your best approach is to stay neutral with everyone.

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It's important to get along with people at work, and you can make some good friendships that will last for years and into other jobs. At most places people will go out for a drink at the end of the week together, or to lunch, and becoming part of that, even if you're quiet at first, will bring more acceptance. In fact, it's better to be quiet at first and gradually open up, although there's no need to tell everything about your life - better not to, really!
Andi - 4-Jun-12 @ 10:31 AM
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